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Achilles Rupture carries a very long recovery - whether the patient is managed non-operatively or surgically.

Thetis Medical Splints are designed to help patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals.

Trauma Splint Image

Trauma Splint

Use of the Achilles Rupture Trauma Splint helps your patients reach a treatment plan promptly.

Thetis Achilles Trauma Splints make the diagnostic pathway more flexible and efficient. Plaster room visits are not required. Boots are not wasted. In one study the time from A&E to definitive treatment decision was halved.

Trauma Splint Image

Night Splint

Do you know any patients who are pleased to sleep in their boot? The Achilles Rupture Night Splint is a secure alternative.

Thetis Achilles Rupture Night Splint has been welcomed by patients. One patient (himself a surgeon) described it as “the most important bit of rehab kit that they don’t tell you about”.

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