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Night Splint

The ONLY splint for Achilles rupture. Brings improved sleep and makes recovery more comfortable.

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Trauma Splint

A novel splint for hospitals to treat suspected Achilles injury. Low cost and easy to apply.

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Seeing so many patients struggling to sleep in orthopaedic boots, our specialist foot and ankle surgeon wanted a solution.

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3D printing technology and anatomic design was used to refine the splint's shape and materials.

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An extensive user focused study validated the splint's design. A quality improvement study with the NHS is now underway.


Results of the user focused study demonstrated the splint's performance:

Stability and Security

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Ease of Application

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Wholesale and Distribution

Supply contracts are available to:

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Thetis Medical Ltd is a UK based company. All our Achilles splints are made domestically. Our manufacturers are ISO 9001 certified.

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